The removable resin denture:
For the completion of a tooth-spaced dentition with so-called interdental spaces limited by teeth or in combination with free-end gaps. They consist of the artificial chewing surface complex (the denture basis) and the connection elements to the remaining dentition (bent clamps). The denture basis is situated directly on the mucous membrane of the jaw bones (mucosal denture bracket). The chewing pressure is transported equally from the basis to the bracket. In order to avoid an overstressing, which would cause considerable bone deterioration, the pressure exerted on every single surface has to be kept as low as possible, i. e. the denture basis must offer a maximum of absorbing surface. For the patient this means that he has to come to terms with a quite extended resin basis in his mouth. The clamps used as maintaining and supporting elements are mostly impacting cosmetically. In case of a longer wearing period they often penetrate the mucosal bracket and cause sore spots. The enamel of those teeth that are equipped with maintaining elements might suffer from damage; in extreme cases even a loosening of the teeth is possible. Due to the many disadvantages this kind of dental prosthesis is mostly only produced as interim prostheses after tooth extractions up to the finishing of the definite prostheses.

The removable model cast denture:
The removable model cast denture also serves for completing a tooth-spaced dentition with tooth spaces limited by teeth with spaces at the end. In order to obtain a diminution of the denture basis and therefore more comfortable wearing the denture must have a periodontal support. A material basis cast in one piece with also cast clamps is to be produced. The clamps dispose of small supports that should avoid a sinking in of the denture into the mucous membrane. Teeth of which the anatomic shape is not suitable for this kind of clamps or that are filled much, have to be capped for the reception of the supports. The only disadvantage is an aesthetic limitation when clamps are situated in the visible area. Model cast dentures consist of a precious metal alloy and can also be gilded, if desired. Also the denture can be produced in gold.
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