You are toothless and require a complete denture. “Oh my God, now everybody will see in the street that I have “false” teeth. This is often the first thought of people affected. Today we are pleased to take this sorrow from you in view of the technical innovations of the laboratories. When creating a complete denture the natural look plays an important role. Often old photos act as pattern, on which the original teeth can bee seen well. There is no better designer as nature itself. Just like the colour of our hair and eyes have been given to us in the most optimum way by nature, also colour, shape, size and situation of our teeth is genetically determined. High-quality materials guarantee a brilliant colour. Manifold shapes that are available care for an individual creation. Our team attaches great importance to naturalness and functionality of dentures. An individual consultation, also with a dental technician on the spot, guarantees for success.

In order to increase naturalness even more our partner laboratory, Flemming Dental, offers the creation of an individual denture basis with a special resin, by which papilla, blood vessels and frenulum labii can be reproduced naturally.

Get your detailed consultation! We are looking forward to the challenge!
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